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Forklift Transport

We don’t just deliver our own vehicles. Our fleet of transport vehicles can be used for transport from one site to another as projects complete and new ones begin. Our fully qualified drivers make the process safe and meet all regulations.

Transporting a forklift truck can be difficult, and in many cases almost impossible, without additional help. It’s also an inconvenient choice if you need to move your truck over a long distance. If you need to transport one or more forklift trucks, then you are likely to decide that this is a job best done by someone else.

Our forklift transportation service is the best option for moving your vehicles safely and securely.


Forklift trucks on roads

Forklift trucks if driven on roads, must be registered with the DVLA. They must have licence plates, tax and insurance. They must also have appropriate lighting, including an amber beacon when travelling below 25mph.

Vehicles travelling 1000 yards of more will need to comply with Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations, which will likely require significant modification to the vehicle. If travelling less than 1000 yards, for example from one site to another across the road, the vehicle may not need to be modified to comply with these regulations.


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