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Not only do we deliver our own vehicles, we also offer forklift transport to deliver equipment for other companies. As projects come to a close and new ones begin, our transport fleet can be utilised to deliver materials to and from locations of your choice. Our fully qualified drivers ensure that the process is safe and compliant with all applicable regulations.

Transporting forklifts and machinery can be difficult, you must ensure that the machinery is secure and loaded correctly. If you need to carry one or more forklifts, you’ll probably determine that it’s a job best left to the professionals. With over 40 years of experience, our forklift transport service is the most secure, safe & flexible method of moving your warehouse equipment.

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forklift transport

Forklift trucks on roads

Forklifts that are operated on the road must be registered with the DVLA. They are required to have licence plates, pay taxes, and be insured. They must also have appropriate lighting, including an amber beacon, while travelling at less than 25 mph.
Vehicles travelling more than 1000 yards must conform with the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations, which will almost certainly require significant vehicle modification. If the distance travelled is less than 1000 yards, such as across the road from one location to another, the vehicle may not need to be modified to meet these specifications.

Utilising our own Regional Vehicles as well as our National Logistics Partners, we can move any type of machine anywhere in the UK for you at short notice, at competitive prices. This can be for short, or long term, hire requirements, site relocations or for prop up machines for breakdowns.

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Forklift Transport

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