Battery Supply & Regeneration

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Battery Supply

& Regeneration

Batteries are among the parts and components we keep on hand. We can keep your batteries in good shape while also saving you money with our battery supply and regeneration services. Batteries are an integral part of an electric forklift, we provide a full range of services to help you sell, hire, maintain, and care for your batteries so they last longer. We can also provide a wide range of forklift battery-related accessories, such as:

  • De-ionisers
  • Top up trolley
  • Automatic topping systems
  • Topping systems designed for vented blocs
  • Air mix systems
  • Battery monitoring systems
  • Battery loggers / data loggers

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Battery Regeneration

A Complete Range of Services

Thorough Examinations, service inspections, machine diagnostics, regeneration, replacements, and major repairs are all things we can help you with.

Acclaim Handling incorporates regeneration technology in addition to advanced batteries to improve efficiency and prolong the fleet lifespan of forklifts. By capturing and storing energy during braking, our energy recovery systems lower total energy usage. Intelligent battery management systems maximise battery life by avoiding deep draining or overcharging and guaranteeing effective battery use.

Investing in Acclaim Handling’s battery and regeneration solutions saves money and is good for the environment. Technologies utilising lithium-ion batteries and regeneration substantially reduce carbon emissions, in line with business sustainability objectives. Over the course of the forklift fleet’s existence, our all-inclusive solution lowers the total cost of ownership by guaranteeing longer-lasting batteries and reduced energy use.

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Battery Supply & Regeneration

    Battery Supply Regeneration

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