Explosion Protection

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Explosion Protection

Acclaim Handling places a paramount emphasis on the safety of forklift operations, particularly in industries prone to explosion risks. In environments dealing with flammable materials, the potential for explosions necessitates a vigilant approach to safety. This article delves into the crucial aspects of explosion protection, focusing on Acclaim Handling’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for secure material handling.

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Explosion protection

Explosion Protection

Acclaim Handling works closely with customers to tailor solutions for explosion protection to meet their unique operational requirements. This guarantees that safety precautions integrate in smoothly with current procedures, minimising interruptions, and optimising safety. Selecting Acclaim Handling creates a safe and legal working environment in addition to optimising material handling efficiency. Raise the bar for safety requirements in forklift operations with Acclaim Handling, where quality and safety meet.

Industries that manufacture, store, or distribute flammable materials should be aware of the risk of an explosive environment developing during normal operations. In such an environment, unprotected forklift trucks could create an explosion. We work with a handful of companies that provide suitable protection for diesel and electric trucks operating in such locations, ensuring the safety of both the people and the environment.

Explosion proofing eliminates ignition sources while maintaining the vehicle’s original ergonomics and performance, and it conforms with European Directive ATEX 94/9/EC. We offer explosion-proof versions of several of our electric or diesel-powered forklifts, pallet trucks, and other warehouse equipment. Components which could trigger sparking, such as drive components, wheels, or even lifting forks, are encapsulated, sealed, or made of highly safe materials.

The drives themselves burn flammable fuel in many applications, resulting in high temperatures in engine parts and exhausts. The entire engine in these trucks are fitted with explosion-proof encapsulation. The engine and control elements’ central electrics, as well as the starter battery, starter, and alternator, are all pressure-resistant. Like conventional vehicles, all forklift variants are available with optional special equipment. Wiper motors, functioning lights, and flashing indicator warning lights are all electrically driven and therefore explosion-proof.

Explosion Protection

    Forklift Explosion Protection

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