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Forklift Driver Training

Looking for forklift training in the Cornwall area?

Forklift training is essential for anyone who wants to operate a forklift truck in a safe and efficient manner. Our forklift driver training courses in and around Cornwall are designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure that drivers can operate forklifts with confidence.

The training covers a range of topics, including the principles of forklift operation, health and safety regulations, and practical driving skills. The course will teach you how to safely lift and move loads, as well as how to operate the forklift controls.

Our forklift training courses are available for both beginner and experienced drivers, with courses tailored to suit individual needs. The training is carried out by experienced and qualified instructors who provide expert guidance and support throughout the course.

Once you have completed your forklift driver training in Cornwall, you will receive a certificate of competence, which is an asset when applying for jobs in the logistics industry. So, if you’re looking to become a forklift driver and would like us to come to you in the Cornwall area or want to improve your existing skills, our course is the ideal solution.

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In-House Course


Course Details

3 Days Duration

Maximum of 3 Candidates


National Course


Course Details

3 Days, 1 Candidates

4 Days, 2 Candidates

5 Days, 3 Candidates


Refresher Courses


Course Details

1 Day Duration

Maximum of 3 Candidates


Conversion Course


Course Details

1 Day Duration

Maximum of 1 Candidate

Forklift Training Cornwall

Forklift Driver Training

Not looking for forklift training in Cornwall? We offer national forklift training courses so please be rest assured that we can provide training in a location of your choice! Forklifts are powerful machines that can lift and move heavy loads with ease. However, they can also be dangerous if not operated correctly. That's why forklift training is so important. By providing you with the knowledge and skills you need, the training can help you to avoid accidents and injuries in the workplace. During the training, you'll learn about the different types of forklifts and their uses. You'll also be taught how to carry out pre-use inspections, how to load and unload safely, and how to manoeuvre the forklift in tight spaces. In addition to the practical skills, you'll also learn about the legal requirements for operating a forklift. This includes health and safety legislation, as well as the responsibilities of the driver and employer. Forklift driver training is not only important for safety reasons as Cornwall is subject to UK Health & Safety Laws, but it can also help you to advance in your career. Employers are always looking for qualified and competent forklift drivers, and having a certificate of competence can give you a competitive edge. Overall, having forklift training in the Cornwall area is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to operate a forklift safely and efficiently. The skills you learn will benefit you throughout your career and help to keep you and your colleagues safe.

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      The cost of forklift training can vary depending on several factors such as the type of forklift, the level of training, travel to and from Cornwall, and the training provider. However, our forklift driver training courses are competitively priced and start from £340+VAT per day.

      The length of forklift training can vary depending on the training program and the level of experience of the trainee. Generally, forklift training programs can range from a few hours to several days, depending on the depth of training provided. This can also depend on travel for our trainers to and from Cardiff. In most cases, basic forklift training programs can be completed in one to three days, with a typical duration of about 8 hours per day. These programs cover the fundamentals of operating a forklift, including safety guidelines, load handling, and basic manoeuvring. However, more advanced forklift training programs, such as those that cover specialized types of forklifts or advanced manoeuvres, may require additional time to complete. These programs may last for several days or even a week or more.

      The frequency with which forklift driver training must be undertaken can vary depending on several factors, including the laws in the Cornwall area, the type of forklift being operated, and the employer's policies. Employers may also have their own policies regarding forklift driver training, which may require more frequent retraining or additional training in response to changes in the workplace or the introduction of new equipment. It's important to remember that forklift driver training is a critical aspect of workplace safety, and keeping your training up-to-date can help ensure that you are operating the forklift safely and effectively. The Acclaim team can help you with any questions you may have whatever location it is, in Cornwall or anywhere nationwide.

      We offer a range of forklift training courses in Cornwall that are accredited by RTITB. Our training courses cover a variety of forklift types. including counterbalance, reach trucks, order pickers, and more. We also offer on-site training at your location in and around Cornwall or at one of our training centers.

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