Forklift MOT / LOLER

Forklift MOT / LOLER

Is your forklift up to the mark, does it have a Forklift MOT? If you own or operate a forklift, you are required by law to ensure that it holds a report of Thorough Examination (Forklift MOT). This applies even to forklifts on hire.

Failure to comply can leave you open to prosecution and could invalidate your insurance or much worse in the case of a serious accident arising from faulty equipment.

Fortunately, a comprehensive national scheme is available that complies fully with all current legislation and is supported by HSE.

What is Thorough Examination?

The national Thorough Examination procedure meets the requirements of both LOLER 98 and PUWER 98 legislation. In many ways it is like an automotive MOT, but is much more rigorous. It is a legal requirement that applies to every forklift – including any that are just one year old. Crucially, as an owner or user, you are responsible to have a Forklift MOT.

Who can deliver it?

Companies accredited to CFTS which is supported by HSE.
Acclaim Handling Ltd is accredited to CFTS and can thus carry out thorough examinations. Remember, the national Thorough Examination procedure can only be carried out by a competent person from an accredited company. We have proved ourselves capable of – and committed to – meeting the strict Quality Assurance Procedural Code of CFTS. Click here to see our a copy of our accredited certification.

Who runs the scheme?

The national procedure was set up by Consolidated Fork Truck Services (CFTS), a joint venture between the two major industry trade associations in materials handling:

As the acknowledged experts on Thorough Examination, their unrivalled expertise has been combined to produce a unique scheme which carries the authority of the whole industry and the support of HSE.

What’s distinctive about the Forklift MOT procedure?

A rigorous process was set up to ensure that the complex legislation relating to Thorough Forklift LOLER (Forklift MOT) is delivered in a very effective and practical package. Through it you can keep on the right side of the law and check that your truck is in a safe and productive condition. The national procedure developed by CFTS ensures you benefit from:

  • The authority and backing of both BITA and FLTA
  • The support of HM Health and Safety Executive
  • The in-depth knowledge of examiners who truly understand forklifts
  • The protection and assured quality of the CFTS Procedural Code
  • Total peace of mind because you meet all current and pending legislation

What if I don’t use an accredited company?

Complying with legislation is paramount, which is why it makes such sound sense to ensure any testing is carried out by a fully accredited company. By using someone without accreditation you could open yourself up to the risk of:

  • Inadequate or inaccurate advice
  • Inconsistent standards
  • Superficial examinations that do not comply with HSE requirements
  • Legal problems
  • Dangerous forklifts and resulting accidents leading to…damage to equipment, goods and premises, delays in productivity, corporate and personal litigation, heavy fines, adverse publicity and a terrible cost in lives, health and suffering.

How does the national procedure work?

The national Thorough Examination (Forklift MOT) procedure has a full audit trail which ensures that all examinations are recorded and, where necessary, checked by an independent inspector.

Documentation used with the scheme bears a reassuring and distinctive quality mark. You will see a special sticker applied to every forklift which has passed its Forklift LOLER under the scheme.

Only Thorough Examinations carried out under this scheme are subject to the rigorous CFTS Quality Assurance Procedural Code and endorsed by the quality mark.

Are there any other benefits?

By choosing the national procedure you can be rest assured that your Thorough Examinations will be administered efficiently and carried out to the highest professional standards. In addition, the quality mark of the scheme gives a ‘stamp of approval’ to your business:

  • Giving immediate credibility and authority to the Thorough Examination documentation you hold.
  • Making a positive statement to your customers and staff that you care about safety and their welfare.
  • Marking your trucks with a symbol of excellence that is nationally recognised
  • Reducing the risk of accidents – with their economic and human costs
  • Completely fulfilling your legal requirements

To find out more about Forklift MOT (LOLER and PUWER accreditation) or to book for forklift in for a Thorough examination

Please call 01708 861 414 to speak to one of our friendly service team members or email us by clicking here

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