Specialist Forklift Trucks & Accessories

Specialist Forklift Trucks & Accessories

The aim of this blog is to provide a brief overview of the different types of specialist fork lift trucks and accessories in order to make the reader better aware of the enormous variety of equipment available on the market.

Explosion Proofing Forklifts

Industries that produce, store, or distribute flammable materials need to be aware of the risk of an explosive atmosphere being generated during normal operation. Unprotected fork lift trucks operating in such an area may cause an explosion. Pyroban Ltd is one of a number of companies that offer appropriate protection for diesel and electric trucks used within such areas, protecting the people and the site. Their products remove the sources of ignition whilst retaining the original ergonomics and performance of each vehicle, and comply with the European Directive ATEX 94/9/EC.

Cold Stores Forklifts

Many manufacturers will supply battery powered trucks especially adapted for cold store operations, including special heated cabs. This can include equipment that will operate in temperatures down to -35°C.

Special Build Equipment

It is worth noting that a number of manufacturers, including attachment manufacturers, may be able to adapt or design new equipment to meet specific operational needs. Depending on the requirement, we may be able to suggest which manufacturers those are.

Forklift Attachments

There is a wide range of fork lift truck attachments available for purchase or hire, for trucks large and small. The following list provides a selection of equipment but is by no means exhaustive:

  • Brick/block grabs
  • Carpet booms
  • Crane jibs
  • Double pallet handlers
  • Drum handling equipment – lifting, rotating etc.
  • Fork clamps
  • Fork extensions and sleeves
  • Lifting beams
  • Load stabilisers
  • Pallet rotators/tippers
  • Pusher forks
  • Roll handling
  • Rotating fork clamps
  • Scoops and buckets
  • Side shifts
  • Snow ploughs and salt spreaders
  • Sweeping equipment
  • Telescopic forks
  • Tipping skips/bins
  • Weighing systems
  • Wide load stabilisers
  • Working platforms/safety cages

Forklift Safety Equipment

There is an ever-increasing range of safety equipment available for fitting to, or using with, fork lift trucks. In addition to improving safety, this equipment will often enhance productivity, making for a “win-win” situation. When you are considering the purchase or hire of a fork lift truck you should aim to discuss which systems would be of benefit to your operations with your selected dealer – just as you would for a car or lorry. The range of such safety equipment includes the following:

  • Cabs and canopies for outdoor use – to protect operators from inclement weather
  • Enhanced lighting – to see and be seen
  • Flashing beacons
  • Reversing alarms including low noise directional alarms which can be more environmentally friendly than “bleepers”
  • A wide range of specialist mirrors to enhance visibility
  • Cameras – either as movement or visibility aids, especially for large trucks, or to help position forks
  • Proximity alarms to warn the operator of the presence of people or other obstacles, or to warn others of the presence of fork lift trucks (there are a number of different systems available)
  • Speed inhibitors capable of use with speed zones
  • Speed cameras and other monitoring systems – some with public displays
  • Key control systems
  • Operator recognition systems – to block inappropriate use
  • Fork positioning systems
  • Data logging systems, including speed, operator efficiency, accident logging, immobilisation post collision, etc.
  • Maintenance reporting, including pre-shift checks (with go or no-go), routine maintenance, Thorough Examination log, etc.
  • Fleet management systems
  • Various guidance systems for VNA equipment
  • On board weighing systems
  • Ergonomic enhancements such as joystick controls, special seating, stowage, etc.
  • Rotating seats to aid reversing and reduce strain

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