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Gantry Crane, Slinging

& Lifting Courses

Our Beginner Gantry Crane, Slinging and Lifting courses offer excellent training that allows candidates to gain certification without prior experience. It will teach its candidates how to properly Sling and attach objects in order to safely lift the item. It will also teach them all of the safety procedures on how to properly use the Gantry Crane.


In-House Course


Course Details

2 Days Duration

Up to 4 Candidates


National Course


Course Details

2 Days Duration

Up to 4 Candidates


Refresher Courses


Course Details

2 Days Duration

Up to 3 Candidates


Our in house courses can be located at our site in Purfleet but are best at your site for the most accurate training on what they will be using day-to-day.In house courses are designed to have the candidates only certificated on your site meaning they are trained on what they will be using and cannot use this license at any other site.


Our national courses can be held at any site as this course is designed to have the candidate specially trained in all scenarios while using a Gantry Cranes so that they are available to go to any site and use this truck. This course is ideal for workers who may have to use a Gantry Crane at several different sites.


Refresher courses are primarily for candidates who already have a certificate to prove they have done their novice course. These courses are designed to be done after 3 years in order to recap anything the candidates may have forgot and to remove any bad habits they may have picked up which may be likely to cause an accident.

Topics Covered By This Course

Introduction to the Gantry Crane course

Chains / Slings types etc.

Operator’s Safety Code

Checking Lifting Equipment

Introduction to the Crane, controls and instruments

Correct Lifting procedure / Plan your Lift


Slinging Techniques

Pre-use Inspection / Through Examination

Approach, pick up, transport and set down a load in an open area

Starting, moving, stopping with crane

Approach, pick up, transport and set down a load in a restricted area

Simple manoeuvring exercises with crane

Basic test of operating ability – Pre-use Check Test

General practice in manoeuvring in confined areas

Theory Test

Approved Crane Signalling Methods

Basic test of operating ability – Test of Practical Operating Skills

General practice in manoeuvring in confined areas


Crane SWL

Correct PPE

Load weight assessment

Course closure

Correct Lifting Equipment

What Our Customers Say About Us


Mick is a great instructor. Really good course, very enjoyable.

Eddie Nichols, Coca Cola

Instructor was outstanding, patient clear and adjusted to my needs where suited, great instructor, thank you.

Christopher Lavery, Precon Products

Mick was an amazing instructor, made the course really fun, was a perfect balance of having a laugh and being serious. Explained everything really well and made sure to keep asking if we had any questions. Could not have asked for a better instructor.

Sam Ratcliffe, NBC Universal

Mick cannot be faulted for his commitment and knowledge for the course. Very enjoyable.

Graham Poole, Sainsbury's

Excellent Training Service!!! Five Star.

Attila Francisc Kisvardai, Pickfords

Great way to teach me, hats off to Mick. Thank you, I know it was not easy to teach me.

Craig Wenman, Pickfords

Had 8 days with Mick, he is a top man and a credit to your company. Nothing too difficult and he explained everything in a calm and assuring manner. I would recommend Mick to anyone should they ever ask.

Daniel Long, Pickfords

Fantastic, very informative, great feedback and ideas, executed with great thought and enthusiasm by the trainers, thoroughly enjoyed the course.

Usaamah Hassan, Moove Lubricants

All A+

Liam James, Moove Lubricants

Best training I’ve had in 24 years of driving forklifts.

Alan Wilkinson, Rule 13

This has been the best course training course I have been on in my 2 1/2 years at Moove.

George Jones, Moove Lubricants

Very polite and patient trainer. I enjoyed the course which covered everything I need to know.

Piotr Szadkowski, Norma

Health, safety & compliance is crucial to our operations and pivotal to our MHE needs. Acclaim understands our business and delivers accordingly

Mark Lewis, Turnround & Operational Compliance Manager, BBC Studioworks

I would like to thank you for your efforts and attention to detail when processing our purchase. Your service to us alone is what won you the business against the other 5 companies I approached. Not one other company offered to survey our building and I doubt they would have kept me updated like you have. I will certainly be recommending you and your company to any companies we deal with who may require your services.

Matthew Orr, Company Directive Manager, Spire Removals

We were looking for a flexible material handling provider and Acclaim offered us a comprehensive hire, service & maintenance package along with product solutions that are perfectly tailored to our requirements

Sean Banks, Head of UK Operations at FläktGroup

Menzies Aviation were looking for a supplier to replace their forklift fleet who could offer the equipment and additional solutions required, at the right price and with a high level of customer service and commitment.

Mick Ladd, GM Operations, Menzies Aviation

We were looking for a one-stop-shop and Acclaim provided us with a bespoke and innovative hire service and maintenance package tailored to our requirements.

Glenn Ewen, Fleet Manager, Clear Channel UK

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