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Tow Tug Courses

The Novice courses we offer will have candidates who have never even seen a Tow Tug trained up to be capable of driving and maintaining one, knowing how to properly look after the battery but also how to drive around and attach loads properly to this.

  • Introduction and outline of the training course
  • Operator’s Safety Code
  • Introduction to the truck, controls and instruments
  • Moving off and stopping in an unrestricted area with an unladen truck
  • Simple manoeuvring exercises in an unrestricted area with an unladen truck
  • Approach; pick up, transport and deposit goods
  • Safe Operating Procedure
  • Traction battery care and maintenance
  • Hydraulic system and use of controls
  • Pre-use inspection
  • Weight assessment and truck stability
  • Practical assessment of basic operating skills
  • Associated Knowledge
  • Course closure


In-House Course (Novice)

Our in house courses can be located at our site in Purfleet but are best at your site for the most accurate training on what they will be using day-to-day.In house courses are designed to have the candidates only certificated on your site meaning they are trained on what they will be using and cannot use this license at any other site.

In House:
Duration: 1 Day
Candidates: Up to 3 (at no extra cost)


National Course (Novice)

Our national courses can be held at any site as this course is designed to have the candidate specially trained in all scenarios while using a tow tug so that they are available to go to any site and use this truck. This course is ideal for workers who may have to use a tow tugs at several different sites.

National Course:
Accredited Body: RTITB
Duration: 3 Days, Candidates: 1
Duration: 4 Days, Candidates: 2
Duration: 5 Days, Candidates: 3

Refresher Courses:

Refresher courses are primarily for candidates who already have a certificate to prove they have done their novice course. These courses are designed to be done after 3 years in order to recap anything the candidates may have forgot and to remove any bad habits they may have picked up which may be likely to cause an accident.

In Refresher:
Duration: 1 Day
Candidates: Up to 4 (at no extra cost)

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