Self Loading Pallet Truck

Self Loading Pallet Truck

The Self loading Pallet Truck solves that expensive issue of loading vans or other medium and commercial light vehicles when there is no available forklift or tail lift to load the goods with.

Manufactured in mainland Europe, Acclaim Handling is an accredited UK dealer to supply the Self Loading Pallet Truck with access to the best available prices, lead time and parts availability.

Three main benefits of the Self loading pallet truck include:-

  • Simple: These well built machines are manufactured to very high standard, without complexity, meaning they are simple to operate and maintain.  There is very little to go wrong.
  • Cost effective: Efficiency in production and design means that these machines are affordable for any small or large business
  • Reliable: Economy of design, superior standard parts and high build quality ensure machines are both reliable and durable.

Self Loading Pallet Truck Simple Facts:

  • – Maximum capacity available up to 600kg with a lift height capability 1120mm
  • – Can be loaded and unloaded in a matter of seconds
  • – All Health and Safety issues eliminated with the self loading pallet truck
  • – The ease of use improves working conditions and helps reduce costs
  • – Ideal for any medium or small business vehicle
  • – No forklift operators licence required
  • – Conforms to all required EU regulations

Click here to see watch the video of the self loading pallet truck.

The self loading pallet truck is available in 4 different models, 1 manual and 3 electric and five different colours.  All machines are fully warranted for 12 months.

Lead times are very good too.  If the machine is in UK stock then delivery is usually within 48 hours.  If the machine is not a standard size then the lead time is approximately 3-4 weeks.

The self loading pallet truck is a Must for Light Haulage Companies, Couriers or any Small Business .

If you have questions regarding the self loading pallet truck and would like to find out more please call Freephone 0800 458 8025 where one of our friendly experts can assist you.  Equally you can contact us via email by clicking here

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