Our Apprenticeship Scheme

Our Apprenticeship Scheme

Apprenticeship Forklift Engineer Scheme

Our apprenticeship scheme was founded in 1990 and is the longest running of any independent forklift company in the UK.

Since having only two apprentices in September 2020 Andy Radbourne has successfully grown our apprenticeship scheme
by introducing apprentices at Norwich (Ryan Hobson), Reading (Bradley Harris) and Purfleet (Lewis Polley & Billy Lumbard).

Our apprenticeships are three-year courses, in which we use two external colleges in Swindon and Hinckley who both run the dedicated Forklift Programme, involved is mixture of college attendance and on-the-job training within the workplace. Upon successful completion of the course, apprentices are awarded a level 3 Lift Truck and Powered Access Engineering Technician Apprenticeship.

The learning doesn’t stop there, we invest in regular training programmes for all engineers – such as visits to STILL and Hyundai’s European headquarters – to keep their knowledge completely up to date.

Since 1990, many of our original apprentices have progressed through the acclaim ranks to become some of the most experienced and knowledgeable engineers in the industry – our master technicians. Master technicians are our most experience engineers with comprehensive knowledge and capability to maintain all of our customers machinery.

The success of our apprenticeship scheme is not only down to the college tuition and individual but our Mentors who guide
the apprentices at work. A thank you to Lee Price, Dan Poyser, Ashley James, Aaron Carley, Michael Radbourne, Nick
De’Ath and the many others involved in the success stories from Acclaim’s Apprenticeship Scheme over the years.

We see this as a vital resource to further strengthen our engineering team and long may this part of Acclaim’s DNA
continue to grow and be a success.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Acclaim Handling’s Forklift Engineer Apprentice Scheme please contact by calling us on 01708 861 414 or email us at hr@acclaimhandling.com